From a Christian Internet Marketing perspective; Is marketing online a legitimate means to earn an income?


What Does God Think About

Christian Internet Marketing?

A lot depends on your interpretation of Scripture. The bottom line is, and I believe  we can agree on  the notion that God looks at the heart and the intentions of our actions. He knew full well that the Pharisees motives when performing their religious duties were to look righteous and gain approval from each other. It was not done out of a deep joy and satisfaction in God   
Relative to Internet marketing, can we be pleasing to God and make an income selling Products and services through the Internet? Especially those that are labeled as "scams?"

What Is Your Motivation?
Obviously there is a big difference between selling a garage sale item and selling a product or service that either you or someone else owns in order to profit from it.. In the first case , the motive is to just get rid of something, the other is to provide an income for yourself. As you well know sales people often get a bad rap and justifiably so. How many used cars have been sold when the person knows full well that it is a lemon before they give you the sales pitch. 

Or the guy that convinces you to buy a "secret money making system" that will make you $20,000 by the end of the month. If that's true we would all own it by now. Do these people sell these things cause they truly believe in the value they offer or simply to make a commission? I'm sure you know the answer to that one.

As a Christian there are more convictions that enter into the process seeing that we answer to God first and foremost. Our Christ-Centered standards guide us in such a way that we can not or should not promote a product or service that we know to be less than advertised. So, can we put these words..."Christian Internet Marketing" together? With the proper motive, yes. Here's why.

The scripture is so true (nothing new here) in saying that "the love of money is the root of evil. Money by itself can't do a thing until it's in our hands. As Christians our motivation must be different. Money must be secondary to our desire to want to help people. It is our love for God and our desire to please Him that motivates us.We must put the needs of the consumer over the need to profit. When we seriously look out for others interest, success naturally follows.This really has to be our top priority if we are to make it in Internet Marketing.

Can Christians Sell "Money Making Related" Products?
Just to be clear the type of sales I'm talking about here are those who sell products On-line like "money making programs," "cures related to heath issues," "dog training tips," etc. I'm not talking about being a Rep. for a large Corporation. They don't have that "scam" stigma tied to them like the previous mentioned do. This article relates to Christians marketing products that may carry a bad reputation due to all the Scams out there.

 The most important thing I can say here is..."Find a problem people are dealing with, research till you find a solution(Product) that has proven to be successful. Then promote that solution to the crowd with that particular problem. Using this approach, you will have God's blessings and financial gain will follow." 

Is There A Legitimate Opportunity To Learn How To Make Money On-line? 
As you can see there aren't any ads on this site trying to sell you more junk. No flashy banners or links plastered all over the place. Since we are discussing Christian Internet Marketing, there is one educational community that you should know about if you are serious about learning Internet Marketing.

This organiazation not only guides you through the process but supplies you with the tools to succeed in this field. I gotta tell ya the forums are just wonderful as well. Seasoned Marketers are always there to answer questions. I would keep my membership solely  for the forums.

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